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Download Filmy4wap Rudrangi HD movie Filmy4wap,

Download Filmy4wap Rudrangi HD movie Filmy4wap,

Jagpati Babu’s Rudrangi has been released on 7th July 2023. Rudrangi is a Telugu action film directed and written by Ajay Samrat. If you are planning or wishing to watch it in the cinemas you should read this article till the end as we are going to share important information about the movie and its storyline. And this movie has also been leaked by some movie piracy groups so if you wish to download Rudrangi movie in hd then also you can read this article till the end as we are sharing the way to download the movie.

Rudrangi Filmy4wap
Rudrangi Filmy4wap

Star Cast: 
Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh, Amitabh Bachchan, Trupti Toradmal, Kajol, Devdatta Nage, Vatsal Seth, Kreethy Suresh, Sonal Chauhan, & others

Director: OM Raut 

What's Good: Nothing

What's Bad: The story shows some moments which make you feel why the disrespected Shri Ram

Loo Break: Strictly during the interval!

Watch or Not?: No, No, No!

Available On: Theatrical Release

Runtime: 140 Minutes

Story Review of Filmy4wap Rudrangi movie

Talking about the storyline of Movie Rudrangi, So the script of the movie has been written by Ajay Samrat and the dilogues has been written by him as well. Talking about the script, so there is little inconsistency in the script and story which brings little boringness in the movie and that causes little performance issues in the actors dialogue delivery. While watching the movie Rudrangi, You’ll feel litte confuse because there is different different story keeps moving parallely which make you feel little uncomfortable as well. 

The story starts with a seen where the King aka Jagpati Babu was sitting along with her Queen aka Mamata Mohandas and was discussing while an enemy was looking for a chance to Kill him. And as he gets a chance to kill him, he attacks on Jagapati Babu but as he attacks the Queen (Mamata Mohandas) catches him and kills him. After that there were several enemies who keeps attacking on Jagapti but Mamata Saves him. After that there is the entry of King and he start showing his cruelty on the people of his kingdom. Then after in the next seen Ganavi Laxman can be seen with her daughter who gets frustrated because of the cruelity of the king. 

Mamta belongs to a poor family and was mother of two children and was avoiding the cruelity of king but after a time she gets frustrated and brings her voice against the King. In the next scene Ashish Gandhi has been fighting with another villain and he was the husband of Mamata and when he comes to know about the cruelty of the ing then he also joins the revolution but the King was very powerful and shuts the voice of those who bark against him. The movie is good but there is little inconsistency only so you can watch in cinema but if you want to download it then we will share the steps as well.

Star's Performance in Filmy4wap Rudrangi movie

Rudrangi Filmy4wap
Rudrangi Filmy4wap
Talking about the lead role of movie Rudrangi, so Jagpati Babu and Ashish Gandhi is the male lead of movie Rudrangi whereas Ganavi Laxman and Mamta Mohandas is the female lead of the movie. Jagpati Babu is playing the character of king who is very cruel and don’t care about his people, about his kingdom. According to my opinion he is not that much good in his character because of the inconsistency in the storyline, but by his wonderful acting skills he has been able to justify his character.

We were talking about his role in movie Rudrangi so he is a cruel leader who usually abuse his people and in opposite to him ashish Gandhi is playing the role of a leader of poor people who is powerful with power but not with economy so he usually gets crushed by the king but don’t get down. His motivation level is beyond expectation and by his wonderful acting skills he brings different vibes in the movie. Although the storyline of the movie is little weak, little inconsistent but Ashish Gandhi has managed to perform well and totally fit in his character. There is no doubt that Ashish Gandhi is wonderful actor and, in the movie Rudrangi, he went on different level.

Talking about the female lead actor of movie Rudrangi, Mamta Mohandas is acting as the queen and wife of Jagpati Babu and she is more cruel and powerful than Jagpati Babu. She has shown her wonderful talent in the movie Rudrangi and managed to attract the audience attention. She is totally fit in her character but the inconsistent story of movie Rudrangi has not been able to showcast her performance well. The second female lead character of movie Rudrangi id Ganavi Laxman who is the wife of Ashish Gandhi and has same spirit like Ashish. She usually fights for the right of the poor people and has to care her son as well. 

The combination of mother and fighting lady attracts a different fan base and her performance and her acting skills is beyond expectation. Her performance can be better just by bringing the consistency in the storyline but despite this she has managed to garb the udience attention very well. Talking about the supporting character of movie Rudrangi, Vimala Raman, R. S. Nandha, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Chrishma Sreekar, and Divi Vadthya are there. And all supporting characters are perfectly fit or We can say that they are totally made for their character. The movie Rudrangi will mae you realize that these characters are not playing the reel life but they are playing their real-life character.

Direction & Technical Review of Filmy4wap Rudrangi Movie

Rudrangi movie has been directed by Sameer Vidwans and he has directed this movie very well. As Rudrangi is the first movie of Sameer Vidwans he has done very good work which shows his wonderful direction talent. Karan Shrikant Sharma is the writer of the movie Rudrangi and he has written the story and dialogues very well. Kudos to the writing and direction team for their wonderful work.

Talking about the technical aspect of the movie Rudrangi, Ayananka Bose is the cinematographer of the movie and Charu Shree Roy is the editor of the Movie. The visual effects of the movie Rudrangi have been given by Nayan Kumar, Dharmesh Paul, and Vinod K. Sharma. And the animation has been provided by Mohammad Aqib. The song “Pasoori Nu” from the movie Rudrangi given by Arijit Singh is going viral on the internet.

The Last Word of Filmy4wap Rudrangi movie

Rudrangi Filmy4wap
Rudrangi Filmy4wap

Rudrangi’s makers thought to give a modern look to the movie but they forget that where Prabhu Shri Ram stands for Hindus or Sanatana. 

So that’s it about the review of the story, actor, and direction now let’s jump towards how we can download Rudrangi Filmy4wap Movie.

How to download Rudrangi full movie using Filmy4wap?

Filmy4wap Rudrangi Movie is going to be released in Hindi. So now we are going to explain the steps using which you can download the movie in different languages:

  • First of all, connect a VPN and open a browser on your PC, Mobile, or desktop.
  • Then type Filmy4wap in the search bar and open the first link.
  • Go to the search bar available in the top right corner and search for the movie Adipurush.
  • Now select the quality in which you want to download Adipurush Movie.
  • Now select the links according to the language you want to download:
    1. If you want to download Adipurush Movie in Telugu then use the 1st link available named ‘Adipurush full movie download in Telugu Filmy4wap’.
    2. To download the Filmy4wap Adipurush movie in Hindi Dubbed you can use the 2nd link named ‘Adipurush full movie Hindi dubbed download Moviesflix’.
    3. In the same way, you can use a different link to Filmy4wap download Adipurush Movie into different languages.
  • As you click on the download button after selecting the language the movie will start downloading.

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