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TamilMV 2022: Yashoda Tamil movie download in TamilMV

Download TamilMV Yashoda HD movie TamilMV,

Note: Want to Download the TamilMV Yashoda movie Complete the movie, Then read the article carefully.

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Adivi Sesh's Yashoda TamilMV has been leaked by several websites like RdxHD, CinemaVilla, TamilMV, etc. But in this article, we will share the steps using which you can Download TamilMV Yashoda. So read this article carefully.

Adivi Sesh's Yashoda full movie Hindi dubbed download TamilMV in which he is seen in a great role has been leaked online by some Movie Piracy websites like TamilMV, Jiorockers, etc. The TamilMV Yashoda movie will be released in cinemas on 28th October 2022. And before the release, the hall dubbed version of this film was uploaded by movie piracy websites like TamilMV on their web portal. And one day later, the HD version of this film was also uploaded. So in this article, we share the steps to download the TamilMV Yashoda movie.


Star Cast:
Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Unni Mukundan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rao Ramesh, Murali Sharma, Sampath Raj, Shatru, Divya Sripada, & others

Director: Amar Kaushik

What's Good: 

What's Bad: Story is boring at some point in time

Loo Break: Strictly during the interval!

Watch or Not?: Yes, yes, yes!

Available On: Theatrical Release

Runtime: 165 Minutes

Script Analysis of TamilMV Yashoda movie

When Yashoda (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) asks if a courageous person necessarily denotes a man, the cinema hall erupts in cheers. It is one of the moments that blur the distinction between Samantha the actor and the star and directors Hari and Harish use it to good effect. Samantha comes up with a fine performance and keeps us invested in a story that blends emotional drama with slick action. Surrogacy is one aspect of this science fiction thriller, built on true incidents. The payoffs could have been better, but this is an interesting film that tries to do something new.

At a hospital in the vicinity of a lower-middle-class settlement, we first see a teary-eyed Yashoda gazing at a poster of an infant. She has opted to be a surrogate mother to tide over a financial necessity and agrees to be transferred to a surrogacy facility, as per the agreement, for the rest of her journey. The warm hues of the basti make way for cooler tones of the plush hospital she finds herself in. 

Parallelly, Yashoda’s journey is juxtaposed with the mysterious deaths of a Hollywood actress and an aspiring Miss India contestant, which puts the cops in a spot.

A large part of the drama unfolds in the luxury hospital facility managed by Madhu (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar). Art director Ashok builds a make-believe world that is aesthetic yet eerie. Yashoda adapts to the place with bewilderment, playfulness, and stubbornness, gradually befriending other women who inhabit the place. She also forms a bond with the only doctor in the facility, Gautam (Unni Mukundan). Then, when something sinister happens, Yashoda decides to get to the bottom of the puzzle.

The directors sprinkle the narrative with plenty of clues, seemingly casual at first, but which eventually construct the big picture necessary for the thriller. For instance, Yashoda’s routine of sticking her bindi on a mirror — a habit with many women — has been used smartly in this story. 

Other women in the hospital, played by Divya Sripada and Kalpika Ganesh among others, are bound by the common fact that they opt to be surrogate mothers for financial necessity. Yet, they are distinct characters; one is calm and patient while another has a tomboy-ish attitude. Divya and Kalpika are impressive in their brief parts.

The story goes full throttle when Yashoda shifts into an investigating mode. The transition to the action thriller is smooth. In one of the first fights that Yashoda is engaged in, it is her survival instinct that kicks in; she takes on her opponent with anything she finds in a room. Her fights are with men and women and she also has to outrun an animal. Though it is not tough to guess what Yashoda might find about her missing friends, when it actually unfolds, it is disturbing and does not make for an easy watch.

The story tries to address whether surrogate mothers can have an emotional attachment with the child that is growing within them. However, surrogacy is only a part of the scam this story deals with. Much of the science fiction revealed in the second half comes across as bizarre, though dramatized from true incidents, partly because of the unidimensional and stereotyped characterizations surrounding the idea of beauty and women. The stark distinction between black and white characters, with no room for grey, makes it a lopsided drama. 

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In the parallel universe, the police (Murali Sharma, Sampath Raj, and Shatru play key characters and do not disappoint) find hurdles at every turn. One of the double-faced characters is not hard to guess, but the other reveals hold interest.

A key factor that makes a thriller work is that the clues that are hiding in plain sight need to make sense when you look back; Yashoda gets some of it right. There are loose ends as well.

The film rests on the shoulders of Samantha who plays Yashoda with both tenderness and tenacity; the action sequences are right up her alley and she is convincing. Varalaxmi plays her part with casual ease but her characterization could have been a lot more intriguing. Unni Mukundan is convincing in the significant character that takes the story forward. Sukumar’s cinematography and Mani Sharma’s score add to the mood of the thriller.

Had Yashoda avoided a few unidimensional characterizations and tied up the loose ends better, it would have been a riveting thriller. But despite the missteps, it manages to be engaging.

Star's Performance in TamilMV Yashoda movie


Samantha can never get the assignment wrong. She enters and aces each frame she is in with her beauty. Be it action, emotion, or drama she knows it all and does it well. The actor has taken a lot of effort and it shows in the sequences where she has to do multiple things together.

Unni Mukundan to an extent compliments Samantha with his acting but soon joins the list of caricatures that the rest of the actors on the list become.

Samantha’s screen presence and her settled performance as Yashoda are major advantages for the movie. Her acting in all key scenes brings depth to the proceedings. Samantha even did risky stunts in the movie and she is fine in her action avatar.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar did her negative shaded role quite effectively. Her combination scenes with Samantha add weight to the narrative.

Unni Mukundan is good as a doctor with wrong intentions. Rao Ramesh is okay with her usual acting as a greedy politician. While Murali Sharma is fine in his dual-shaded character, Sampath Raj, and Shatru among others are decent in cop roles.

Padding artists such as Madhurima, Kalpika Ganesh, Divya Sripada, and Priyanka Sharma did their part decently.

Direction & Technical Review of TamilMV Yashoda movie

Hari & Haresh’s direction is quite confusing. Because while they put so much thought into placing Samantha in this universe, the rest just looks one tone world with no substance. So it is like canceling one good thing with bad and it bothers me a lot. For example, the police are investigating a crime scene and they don’t use gloves. Where is attention to detail?

The music does nothing to add to the entire experience and is a staple. The camera work begins quite nicely as it captures the alleys in a crowded area but gets repetitive inside the facility. 

Music by Mani Sharma is good and the BGM creates a solid impact in the proceedings. The camera work is very good but the art department needs a special mention as the surrogacy center looks cool. The lyrics and dialogues by Pulagam Chinninarayana and Bhagyalakshmi are also very good. Production values are amazing.

Coming to the director duo Hari and Harish, have done a good job with the film. They, casting Samantha, for such a role is half battle won. They have taken a new backdrop that many do not know and created a good story around it.

Hari and Harish manage to enhance the film with neat twists and thrills in the second half. There are a few logical issues in their narrative but the twists cover them up nicely. As they waste too much time in the first half, they don’t have much time to create more impact in the flashback which was a key. But still, they narrate the film in such a way that the normal audience would not observe these errors and enjoy the film.

The Last Word of TamilMV Yashoda movie

Yashoda movie download in Tamil is a comedy-mystery movie in which a police officer investigates the case of his lover who was killed by the enemies of the police officer

So this was the summary and explanation of the movie. Now let's jump toward how we can Yashoda Hindi dubbed movie download TamilMV.


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