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Complete information about Reliance Jio Prime Membership in English

Complete information about Reliance Jio Prime Membership in English

Reliance Jio Prime Membership: You must have heard the name of Jio, which has made its place in the hearts of people for the last few months.  Jio is the most used telecom operator in India today.

 Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Jio company, has started giving sim for free of cost to people to avail 4G network since 5 septemeber 2016 which was named "Jio Welcome Offer".  In Jio's sim, Ambani ji gave millions of people the facility to make unlimited calls to any number in India with unlimited 4G internet data without paying for 3 months for free.

 After 3 months i.e. in January 2017, Ambani ji started a new plan for Jio users called "Jio Happy New Year Offer" where even today Jio users are able to make unlimited calls for free but internet 4G  The data has been reduced and only 1 GB of data can be used in a day.  This offer will only remain till 31 March 2017 and from then onwards, that is, from April month, users will have to pay for using unlimited data and calls, just like we pay while using other operators.
Complete information about Reliance Jio Prime Membership in English
Complete information about Reliance Jio Prime Membership in English

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 But friends if you are customers of Jio, then today I am going to tell you a good news.  You definitely want to hear that good news, right?  So let me tell you that in 21 februray 2017 Mukesh Ambani ji has made a big announcement for users at the Jio event, in which he mentioned the success of his company and along with it about the new plan of Jio  Also told.  He is going to start a new plan called "Jio Prime Membership".  What is this and what will be the benefit to the users, today I am going to tell you about it.

 Complete information about Reliance Jio Prime Membership in English

 Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Reliance Jio Prime MembershipReliance Jio, said on Tuesday that Jio has more than 100 million subscribers within just 170 days, which is a matter of great pride for a telecom operator industry.  Ambani ji thanked the customers of Jio while addressing them and in the same way he has launched Jio Prime Membership.  Ambani ji said that since the beginning of Jio, India has defeated many countries including America in terms of data usage.  He also told that every 7 seconds new users were connected to Jio and in every minute, 2 crore voice calls have been made, people of India have used 100 crore GB data every day, which has become a record.  Jio has become number 1 in the world in the field of data consumption.

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 Now on 31 March 2017, the scheme of Jio Welcome Offer will be over but after April 1 all voice calls will be free on any network as it is happening till now, for this, customers will not have to pay any payment but internet data is now free  Will not get to use.  But Jio has launched prime membership for its existing users, in which users are going to get many benefits.

 Who is Jio Prime Menbership for?

 Jio prime membership is for all the customers who are using Jio's network and also for those who will join Jio before 31 March.  In this membership, every user will get benefit which will be associated with it.  Jio will provide a much better and cheaper plan for their users than other operators.

 What to do for Jio Prime Membership and what will be its benefits

 1. To join Jio prime membership program, first of all its users will have to enroll themselves in this program.  To become its member, you can enroll yourself by going to MyJio app or  Apart from this, you can also enroll by visiting any Jio store.

 2. Enrollment will start on 1 March and will run till 31 March.  Jio users will have to register themselves within these 30 days.

 3. To become a member of Jio prime membership, you will have to pay a fee of Rs 99, whose validity will be full for one year and you will have to pay 99 rupees just once.

 4. After becoming a member of Jio Prime, you will have to pay 303 rupees every month, after which you will be able to reap the benefits of all the unlimited services you are getting in the new year offer for a whole year.  That is, you will be able to take advantage of data at the rate of 10 rupees per GB every day, you will not get such an offer anywhere else.

 5. In Happy New Year Offer, you will get all services like free voice call, video call, 1 GB 4G internet data as well as free subscription of all Jio apps till 31 March 2018.

 6. A lot of new deals and offers are going to be received by the members of Jio going ahead and on behalf of Jio and its partners, which will benefit you a lot.

 7. Jio will double the capacity of data in the coming months and will give 20% more internet data to its members than other telecom operators.

 8. Voice call and roaming will be free for all users across the country.

 What will happen after JIO Prime Membership 31st March 2018

 About a new Update JIO Prime Membership.  Recently JIO has clarified that the subscription of all JIO Prime Members has been extended for one more year on Complimentary basis.  There is no need to pay any more membership fees to customers for this facility.  Only those people who have given membership fees of Rs.99 / - before March 31, 2018 can avail this facility.  Only the former Jio Prime members can take full advantage of this new update and that too for free.

 But other new customers who are going to join Jio Network after April 1 will have to pay Rs.99 / - to get this facility.  But keep in mind that to avail this facility to existing customers, a manual process has to be followed, then only then they can extend their prime membership for another year.

 How to manually increase prime membership of your Jio?

 For this, you have to open My JIO App in your SmartPhones and follow some steps, after which you can avail the benefit of prime membership for 1 year.
  •  First of all, MyJio App has to be opened.
  •  Then you have to select the option of Extend JioPrime for a year, Free.
  •  In which you have to choose the option of Get Now.
  •  After clicking this, the screen which will come in front of you, you can see all of your mobile numbers which are linked with Aadhar.
  •  Therefore, you can increase the prime membership of all linked numbers at once.  To do this, you have to click on the proceed button.
  •  On clicking, you will get a message of "Request Raised Successfully".
  •  By doing this, the validity of your Jio Prime Membership will be increased for 1 year.

 Now you can see if your Validity has increased by going to My Plan.  If it has not increased then you will have to wait for 1 to 2 days because sometimes it takes some time to update.  But during this you can take advantage of Jio Prime Membership.

 Note: - Jio Prime Membership will not increase itself, but for this you will have to follow all the steps mentioned.  Only then can you take advantage of Jio Prime Membership.

 The subscription of existing Jio Prime will end for all customers tomorrow i.e. on March 31, whether you buy it in March or in August or January.  This complimentary membership is being given free to all existing Prime users for 12 months.  With this, Jio says that he will always give the benefit of 20 to 50 percent to his prime members as always.

 This was the complete information about Reliance Jio's new plan Jio prime membership in English.  If you are a subscriber of Jio, then get the enrollment to become a prime member from March 1, which will give you many benefits going forward and if you are not yet a subscriber of Jio, then quickly join with Jio because it is cheaper and better.  The tariff plan cannot give you any other operators.  Tell us how you liked this article, we will wait to hear your words.

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