How to Elevate Your Marketing Business | Why You Should INNOVATE, Not Copy Strategies

How to Elevate Your Marketing Business

Just because something works for someone else in marketing, doesn't mean it's going to work for you. You know what's funny? Through all the years, the one trend that I've been noticing in marketing is, people continually copy more and more. 
How to Elevate Your Marketing Business ?

How to Elevate Your Marketing Business

The most significant thing people forget about marketing when it comes to copying strategy is time. What worked in 2012 or 2014, doesn't necessarily work now. A lot of people try to copy me when it comes to our content marketing strategy, and why doesn't it work? It doesn't work because it was way easier to get rankings on Google back then than it is now. Sure, you can do well, but you go put in $20, $30 thousand, you're not going to get the same results that we got back then unless you put in way more money. And, of course, Google makes it way harder. If they made it easy to get rankings, why would you spend money on paid ads? Google's worth $700 billion. You think that they're going to make it easy to get rankings? Of course not. If it were that easy, they wouldn't be getting ad revenue; I think 80-plus percent of their income purely comes from ad words. So there's no way they're going to make it easy. If you're going to elevate your marketing business, don't just copy people. Try to make it better. And that's our philosophy internally. If people can't one-up others with marketing, they don't belong in our business. They don't belong in our company. It's all about innovating and doing stuff better. As marketers, we shouldn't be copying each other. We should be working to make marketing better, make the cost better, make it more efficient, make the promotion strategy better. It's all about improving what other people are doing versus copying because what worked before will not work now. If it does, it's going to be harder, take longer, and be more expensive because everyone, including Facebook and Google, want you to spend money on paid ads. Think about our Facebook reach. We used to crush it on Facebook, like three, four years ago, we were laughing because our organic reach was so high. I remember at one point; we were spending over $10,000 a day, just buying fans for our fan page. Nowadays, you wouldn't catch me buying $1,000 worth of fans because Facebook crushes our organic reach. Even if your content's impressive, you're better off putting a lot of that money into a different marketing channel. So when you're copying other marketing strategies, realize one thing: nowadays, whatever you're copying will be harder to achieve, will take longer, and will be more expensive.
How to Elevate Your Marketing Business | Why You Should INNOVATE, Not Copy Strategies How to Elevate Your Marketing Business | Why You Should INNOVATE, Not Copy Strategies Reviewed by Rocky Sharma on October 16, 2019 Rating: 5

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