3 Simple Tricks to INCREASE Traffic to Your Blog Without Writing More Content

3 Simple Tricks to INCREASE Traffic to Your Blog Without Writing More Content

You have a blog, you already written a ton of content, but no one's reading it, what should you do? Build links, write more content? No, you shouldn't do any of that.
Hey, everyone, I'm Rocky Sharma, and today, I'm gonna share with you how to get more traffic to your blog post without writing more content or building more links.
3 Simple Tricks to INCREASE Traffic to Your Blog Without Writing More Content
3 Simple Tricks to INCREASE Traffic to Your Blog Without Writing More Content

Adjust Your Title Tags

So, the first thing that I have for you is you need to adjust your title tags. What you'll notice when you log into Google Search Console, it'll show your pages with the most amount of impressions and the least amount of clicks. Look for the posts that have less than a five percent click-through rate. Once you've figured out which posts have the less than five percent click-through rate, look for all the keywords, 'cause when you click on that link, it'll show you Google Search Console what keywords you're getting traffic for, and look for the keywords that you're ranking decent position for, and add those keywords within your title tag and meta description. By doing that one simple thing, what's gonna happen? More people are gonna keep clicking, and clicking, and clicking on your listings, 'cause when they're doing a search, your keyword is gonna be in the title and meta description. Just imagine it, if you do a search for Apple MacBook, you're looking probably for a Apple MacBook. If the first result didn't have the word Apple or MacBook in it, are you gonna click on it?
Probably not, if you do, ehh, something's kind-of wrong, and that's what Google looks at. If people aren't clicking on your listing, even if you're at the top, they're gonna end up pushing you down, and they're gonna push the other results that are getting more clicks up. So, by taking the keywords and putting it in your title and meta description, it's a really simple way to slowly get more clicks, and Google's gonna be like, oh, wait, you're ranking number five, but you're getting more clicks than the number four listing and the number three listing, they're like, oh, this keeps happening week-over-week. Eventually, they start pushing you up 'cause they wanna show the most relevant results to the end-user. That one little thing will increase your rankings, not in a period of a week, but over a period of three months. And if you do that for all your top pages, it'll quickly get you more search traffic from your old blog posts.

Continually Share Your Old Blog Posts Over and Over Again

Another thing that you should end up doing, and this is the second tactic, is continually sharing your old blog posts over and over again. Once you write a blog post, especially if it's evergreen, it's not over. Why can't you keep re-tweeting it out? Why can't you end up putting in scheduling it out and buffer so that you're continually getting shared? Not just a week from now or a month from now, but literally years from now. Why can't you take your old articles and re-share them on Facebook? I do that all the time, and I use Open Graph, that's where you can change your meta descriptions just for social media, and you can do this in the Yoast SEO plugin, and by doing that, what ends up happening is, is I can keep changing the title of the post, still make it super relevant, and re-sharing it on Twitter and Facebook. That way, months from now when you re-share it, people are like, oh, this is new, it's fresh. Just because you write articles doesn't mean everyone in your social community is seeing them. If you have 100,000 followers and you share on Twitter or Facebook, it's very rare that even five or 10 percent of your audience is gonna see it. That's why you should keep sharing your articles over and over again, especially if they're amazing. I'm not saying you share each article 10 times in a day, 'cause that's just overwhelming, but you wanna spread it out. Over a period of a year, you can share that same article 12 times. It's that one little simple thing that will keep getting you more and more traffic. And as you're getting more social signals and more people are seeing it, what happens? Google's like, oh, wow, people keep coming back to this blog post, they like it. Maybe we should rank it higher. You get all those extra visitors, some people may even be like, oh, my god, this article's amazing, let me link to it, and you're building these links without actually building them.

Do Content Repurposing

Now that you got those two tactics out of the way, I wanna give you one last tactic that's a really easy way to drive more traffic to your blog post. It's content repurposing. You don't have to write more blog posts, but you could end up taking that content and creating videos on that same type of material and releasing it on YouTube and Facebook. You could end up creating podcast episodes on that same kind of content and release it to iTunes. By doing these little things and repurposing your content, it goes out extra miles, right? 
It ends up getting more views. You're getting more juice out of each and every single article. Heck, we even take our same content and put the whole article on Linked In. By doing that, yeah, people aren't coming back to our site, but that content is generating more eyeballs and people are like, oh, that's written by Rocky, this is awesome. He keeps giving more amazing information. And yeah, those people aren't gonna come back to your blog and leave a comment, but they will leave a comment on Linked In, and you could respond to them, interact with them, build that connection, and you can still generate business. Follow those three simple things and you'll build more traffic to your blog posts without building any more links or writing more content. Best of luck, if you have questions in how to do this or if you're confused, leave a comment below. I'll respond and teach you how to do it step-by-step. If you liked the post, please share, subscribe, like, let other people know about it. The more people I can help, the happier I am, thank you for reading.

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